Luminescent Orchestrii Recording Party
The Rock Shop (249 4th Ave., Brooklyn)

This show is special to us. It’s been about 9.5 years now. We have been friends that became family, a band, collaborators in music and life. We have lived a huge chunk of our lives together. It seems our touring days are done as we are all doing other things…BUT…

We are recording a live album. This will be a rare chance to see Sxip Shirey, Rima Fand, Sarah Alden and Benjy Fox-Rosen as Luminescent Orchestrii. We need a dancing fun happy audience. So please come. We don’t play as a band much anymore but we want to capture some of music that evolved from touring and that never got recorded. We want it to be a party. Raya Brass band will be there also throwing it DOWN!

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