Friday, June 15th: Luminescent Orchestrii Recording Party

Luminescent Orchestrii Recording Party
The Rock Shop (249 4th Ave., Brooklyn)

This show is special to us. It’s been about 9.5 years now. We have been friends that became family, a band, collaborators in music and life. We have lived a huge chunk of our lives together. It seems our touring days are done as we are all doing other things…BUT…

We are recording a live album. This will be a rare chance to see Sxip Shirey, Rima Fand, Sarah Alden and Benjy Fox-Rosen as Luminescent Orchestrii. We need a dancing fun happy audience. So please come. We don’t play as a band much anymore but we want to capture some of music that evolved from touring and that never got recorded. We want it to be a party. Raya Brass band will be there also throwing it DOWN!

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