Tuesday, June 12th: NYC Dyke March Retrospective

NYC Dyke March Retrospective
The LGBT Center (208 W. 13th St., Manhattan)
$10 suggested donation

Come celebrate 20 years of revolutionary protests! Since 1993, when the Lesbian Avengers organized the first Dyke March in Washington, D.C. at the March on Washington, and then again in New York in June, dykes have come out to demonstrate for lesbian rights and visibility.

Every year, thousands of dykes march down 5th Avenue to Washington Square Park on the Saturday before the NYC Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade. Drummers up front near the banner rally the marchers out into the street and keep the rhythm going all the way down to the Village. Signs proclaim political and personal slogans like “I’ll be satisfied when every dyke can be out” and “I’ll be satisfied when my mother can say the word lesbian.” We’ve seen giant dyke puppets, a swimming pool complete with bathing beauties pulled along by strapping gals, SuperDyke in a rainbow cape, and of course: the fabulous marshals, those tireless and dedicated dykes, who lead the march in the front, run down the street blocking the traffic on the sides, and bring up the rear of the march.

The NYC Dyke March Retrospective will show the past 20 years of its history through images, banners, t-shirts, stories, videos, and a panel featuring Dyke March Committee members past and present. Suggested donation is $10 (more if you can/less if you can’t).

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