Bachelorette Bash
The American Association of Crimean Turks Mosque (4509 New Utrecht Ave., Brooklyn)

Our closing party and workshop for women explores wedding traditions practiced by various immigrant cultures in Brooklyn. Learn about wedding arts such as Guyanese kweh-kweh songs and marital instruction with Rose October and Verna Walcott-White, Yemeni wedding songs with Shoshana Tubi, wedding dances of Southern Yemen with Fatima Omar, Algerian wedding dress traditions with Naima Ammi and Crimean Tatar songs and comedic pre-wedding skits with Uriye Kermencikli and her daughter Dinara. Henna artists Omneah Hamdi and Suhair Mohammed will create designs for participants, and wedding food specialties will be served. Hosted by Ayla Bakkalli.

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