Inflatable Sculpture Show 2012
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)
Free, RSVP requested

Our Inflatable Sculpture students have been toiling away, designing and sewing their mega-masterpieces. On June 8th, we’ll inflate these larger-than-life creations and let them loose on both of our floors!

Anticipate a show unlike any other, packed from floor to ceiling with gargantuan gorgeousness. As you navigate your way through all the pieces, also enjoy free drinks and music from R.C. Bankwell.

Featured Artists

Tatiana Arocha, Jackie Prince, Tanda Francis, Yifan Wang, Dinna Soliman, Geva Patz, Patrick Flibotte, Allison Walker, Stephanie walker, Sha-mayn The, Steven Baines, Michael Lopez, Michael Freeman, Beth Giacummo, Sam Thomson, Yeweng Wong, Yifan Wang, Rachel Cohen, Kristine Kaerasta, Valeria Cogliana, Stephanie Garcia, Nathan Pickett

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