City Scourges: Tracking Typhoid, Cholera and Other Age-Old Diseases Still Among Us
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$11, registration required

Think typhoid was something that stopped with Mary? Think you don’t need to worry about malaria unless you vacation in the tropics? Think cholera was just a problem of the 1700s? These diseases may be out of our minds, but they are not out of New York. Come learn about how New York City tracks diseases — and us — in order to prevent major outbreaks.

Learn the fundamentals of the New York City Department of Health. This class will feature background on the transmission of communicable diseases and the surveillance efforts that keep the city one step ahead of history’s deadliest epidemics. From oyster bars and live poultry markets, to bat bites and salad bars, hear stories from a real epidemiologist on the front lines of public health.

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