6th Annual Local Correspondents Festival
Bar 4 (444 7th Ave., Brooklyn)
6pm doors, 8pm start

Wednesday June 6
8:00pm Sky M.S.
8:20pm Amy Sheehan
8:40pm Hannah Fairchild
9:00pm Adam Day
9:20pm Matt Cranstoun
9:40pm Emily Mure
10:00pm Jodi Shaw
10:20pm The Whispering Tree
10:40pm The Working Effective
11:00pm Two Cent Revival
11:20pm Bucky Hayes
11:40pm Joe Dairy

Thursday June 7
8:00pm Bryan Rogers
8:20pm Chris Michael
8:40pm Sky Captains of Industry
9:00pm Dave Beck
9:20pm Casey Shea
9:40pm Matt Singer
10:00pm Brian Bonz
10:20pm Secondstar
10:40pm Will Scott
11:00pm Jan Bell
11:20pm Niall Connolly
11:40pm Paul Basile

Friday June 8
8:00pm pinkwing
8:20pm Greg Thomas
8:40pm Shannon Pelcher
9:00pm Abby Ahmad
9:20pm Robert German
9:40pm Kelli Rae Powell
10:00pm Lara Ewen
10:20pm Bryan Dunn
10:40pm Bright Brown
11:00pm The Morrow
11:20pm Bird Courage
11:40pm Victory Grin

Saturday June 9
8:00pm Craig Chesler
8:20pm WYATT
8:40pm peter salvato
9:00pm aCloudedHed
9:20pm Heidi Sidelinker
9:40pm Graph Rabbit
10:00pm shadow monster
10:20pm Ivan & the Terribles
10:40pm Jessi Robertson
11:00pm The Courtesy Tier
11:20pm The Bright Silence
11:40pm Luke Wesley
12:00pm Lowry (Alex solo)

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