The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies (SASS!) is proud to present a series of lectures designed to both entertain and enlighten. On the first Tuesday of each month, we will meet to discuss a different historical topic that you probably knew at one point but don’t remember anymore, plus THEMED DRINK SPECIALS.

What did people in history do when they weren’t busy killing each other and dying of preventable causes? Well, champ, they were having some good old fashioned fun! So come on an excellent adventure with us back in time as we look at the history of the Olympics (spoiler: their uniforms were soooo NSFW), sports, and video games. Plus, we’ll play some Victorian parlor games once we get proper drunk.

DJ Kate Pilgrim will be spinning some jock jams and chip tunes.

AND, as always, stick around after the lectures for some fun times with the good folks of Crappy Cinema Council.

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