Everything is Index, Nothing is History
The Invisible Dog Art Center (51 Bergen St., Brooklyn)

Everything is Index, Nothing is History explores a world chronicled by gestures and physical traces that establish a factual connection to the world independent of cultural codes. Nearly a century and a half ago, philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce defined index as a sign that is caused by that which it refers to. A footprint, a scar, the smoke of a fire—all are signs that simultaneously demonstrate what they signify. An index may attest to the immediate truth of a substance or physical state, just as fever announces illness, or it may depict the truth of time—both the sun dial’s reading of a minute and the dust pile’s accumulative presence. As our relationship to history and the present change in an expanding field of information, Everything is Index, Nothing is History presents works that point to physical realities and trace purported histories through archives, found objects, photographs, material states, and physical actions.

On view June 2 – June 17, 2012

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