True Nerd Trivia
Bar 82 (136 2nd Ave., Manhattan)

The next TRUE NERD TRIVIA is upon us! Treebeard took the pie last time…who will be our next champions?
Now we have our own room at our new location Bar 82… Cost is merely $5 per person to rent our very own cave of nerdiness. No more sports bar yahoos! It’s us nerds only!

For all you newbies who have yet to experience our brand of Trivia, leave your knowledge of state capitals at home! Forget everything you learned in high school – we won’t be asking you any of that stuff! Instead, our questions are all about the important things in life, such as:

Geography: What is the name of the region of Middle Earth where Hobbits live?
Science and Tech: What device will allow a Delorean to travel back in time?
Parazoology: How long would it take for you to be digested in the belly of the Sarlaac?
Superheroes: When Dick Grayson gets his driver’s license – what car can he take for a spin?

And much much more!!!

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