Well, we’re just seventeen, and if you don’t know what that means-Where have you been all these years? LES means a panopoly of Theater, Music, Dance, Comedy, Film, Video, Poetry, Performance Art, Painting, Photography and Sculpture, priced right for the 99% and all those members of the 1% willing to get down-town-TOTALLY FREE!

LES is a multi-culti, crazy quilt patchwork culled from the best artistic material the East Village and Lower East Side has to offer. It is also a paean to the artists of the past who hailed from or worked there; such as Irving Berlin, Charlie Parker, Garcia Lorca, Mark Twain, James Cagney, Eugene O’Neill, the Gershwins and Yip Harburg.

Numerous indigenous theater companies offer excerpts of their latest works, writers, directors, actors, singers, composers, musicians and artists of every stripe participate. Some are famous, some are on the precipice and some have just begun their Artistic Journey. Literally hundreds of performers will appear.

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