Live Performance Art: Territorial Testimonial
Grace Exhibition Space (840 Broadway, 2nd Fl., Brooklyn)
$10 suggested donation

“The map is not the territory,” wrote philosopher and semanticist Alfred Korzybski in 1931. The objects and structures with which we build our world are not human, but they are what constitute our humanity. What dictates the relationship between the human body and the historical, organic and technological networks that surrounds it? Where do we draw the line between ourselves and our territorial conquests? Can we, in Deleuze and Guattari’s words, deterritorialize ourselves from the very networks we’ve created? Through the thoughtful re-introduction of the human body to places and landscapes typically overlooked, their sentience and personality are revealed, in equal turns comical and tender. To explore the discrete objects of territorial infrastructure through a methodical eye is to flatten the power dynamic between the individual and their environment, ultimately revealing overlooked aspects of our own identity through the places and things we make and inhabit.

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