Confused Climates, Wacky Weather and Exasperated Experts: A Global Warming Primer
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$11, registration required

The historic and complex field of climate science has recently burst from anonymity to be caught in the fire of partisan debate and paparazzi-like coverage. In the same year, climate scientists have received both the Nobel Peace Prize and individual death threats. Meanwhile, the Earth continues to experience record-breaking weather events and landscape changes that challenge our civilization to cope and adapt.

Join us as we wade past the politics and headlines of global warming to construct a clearer picture of our climate system. We’ll delve into the basics of climate science to understand what changes are really happening and why. We’ll talk about uncertainties surrounding future climate predictions and address the climate skeptics’ point of view. Finally, we’ll tackle the perhaps more important questions – will climate change impact your life; what can you do about it; and, seriously, why is this weather so crazy?

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