The Great GoogaMooga Festival takes over Prospect Park this weekend with approximately 75 food vendors, 35 brewers, 30 winemakers, live music performances & some pretty awesome panels. Unfortunately, all free General Admission tickets have sold out (& Extra Mooga admission is $249.50/person!!!!). However, you might have some luck looking for tickets on Craigslist or hanging out somewhere near the entrance in case someone happens to have a spare.

With so much going on & large crowds to contend with, you might want to plan out the day to get the most out of GoogaMooga’s amusements. Here are our recommendations for bands to listen to & panels to sit in on while you’re not busy drinking & stuffing your face:

PS: Check back tomorrow for our food & drink picks.



11:30am-12:15pm: Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens (Nethermead Stage)
Start your Saturday with some soul.

12:15-1:15: Fort Lean (Hamageddon Stage)

6:45-8pm: The Roots (Nethermead Stage)


11:45am-12:30pm: Lucius (Hamageddon Stage)
Allow yourself to be charmed by the slow, heartwarming Americana tunes of this Brooklyn-based duo.

3-4pm: Peelander-Z (Hamageddon Stage)
We’ve seen Peelander several times & look forward to seeing them again – they’re always ridiculously high-energy & a lot of fun. Be prepared to mosh & scream out random Japanese phrases. Yatta!

6-7:30pm Hall & Oates (Nethermead Stage)


1:15-2pm: Dan Kluger from ABC Kitchen: How Sourcing Locally Creates a Sustainable Environment (UrBarn)
3:15-4pm: Great CSA Smackdown: A Just Food CSA-Inspired Cooking Competition (UrBarn)
3:45-4:45pm: Turn Your Passion Into a Business (Restaurant 101)

11:15am-noon: The Subject of Food: Writers, Photographer, Critics (Restaurant 101)
11-11:45am: Tree Williams, Just Food Community Chef Presents Seasonal Eating for Everyone (UrBarn)
2:15-3pm: Great CSA Smackdown: A Just Food CSA-Inspired Cooking Competition (UrBarn)

Click here for the official Great GoogaMooga Festival schedule.