Despite the ticket debacle, we still had high hopes for The Great GoogaMooga Festival & looked forward to a weekend of excellent food & drinks, interesting panels & some fun musical performances in our home borough. What we actually encountered was an exasperating mess.

Being that the focus of the festival was on food & drink, we came hungry & thirsty, prepared to taste a lot of new dishes as well as some offerings from our favorite restaurants. We definitely expected crowds, but the wait times we encountered were far too long. Seriously hungry by the time we got anything in our stomachs, we spent nearly all of our time standing in lines & didn’t even get around to checking out any musical acts. After waiting 90 minutes for pizza, 40 minutes for a shake & 20 minutes for a bottle of water, we finally decided to call it quits & satisfy our appetites elsewhere.

Braving The Great GoogaMooga Festival tomorrow? Plan on arriving early, when doors open. Get drink wristbands & cards ASAP or just get drunk before the festival. Security is tight – BYOB is definitely not an option. Review your food options & split your group up into lines for your most-desired items. If you won’t be waiting in line with friends, bring something to entertain yourself as you could be there awhile. Bringing your own toilet paper is also recommended.

If you want to enjoy great eats elsewhere, we recommend The 9th Ave. International Food Festival, Dekalb Market, Brooklyn Flea & Madison Square Eats.

Chris’s Take:
Every food & drink option at The Great GoogaMooga Festival is high quality. Your best bet is just to choose the shortest line.

I would encourage everyone to look at The Great GoogaMooga Festival’s website, and if something appeals to you, order it at the restaurant. If you want to eat food from Roberta’s, go to Roberta’s. You’ll spend less time on the train than waiting in line & will have a better experience.