Friday, May 18th: ‘No Escape’ Shorts with Rooftop Films

No Escape
Solar One (East River just south of 23rd St. under FDR Drive, Manhattan)
$12, advance purchase suggested

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM Live Music by Tezeo
9:00PM Films Begin
11:00PM After-party onsite courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner

Spooky folk tales, harrowing home movies, and daring documentaries about people (and creatures) caught in complex webs.

THE LAST NORWEGIAN TROLL (Pjotr Sapegin | Norway | 12 min.)
In the old days, Norway used to be a safe haven for Trolls, but not anymore. An adorable, melancholy animation about three young goats and a fading tradition.

THE NIGHT OF THE MOON HAS MANY HOURS (Mauricio Arango | 15 min.)
Based on stories from Colombia’s civil unrest, a man rafts into dark waters, hoping desperately to discover the truth about his neighbors and loved ones.

ELKO (Alexander Yan | 14 min.)
“I am 23 and I want to die.” Frighteningly enough, there’s always someone out there ready to help.

BODY MEMORY (Ülo Pikkov | 9 min.)
A traumatic animation that presents a parable in which our bodies remember the sorrow and pain of our predecessors.

LACK OF EVIDENCE (Hayoun Kwon | 9 min.)
An ingeniously animated attempt to prove the tragic story of a father in Nigeria who believes that his twins are cursed and therefore kills one of his sons ceremonially.

The Chinese government has policy of executing dissidents to deter others. This powerful narrative plays out the absurdity of that strategy in reverse.

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