Tuesday, May 15th: Dinner, Kirtan & the Teachings of the Bhakti Yoga Path with Radha Kanti Dasi

Dinner, Kirtan & the Teachings of the Bhakti Yoga Path with Radha Kanti Dasi
Golden Drum (97 Green St., #G24, Brooklyn)
Suggested donation

Learn about Devotional Yoga through absorption in the intimate moods of divinity.

Followed by dinner (prasad) Radha Kanti will intersperse the stories and glories of Krishna with songs from the devotional lineage of Bengali Vaishnavas, the way these teachings have been shared for hundreds of years. These teachings aim to captivate our hearts and draw us into transcendental moods with tales about the pastimes of divinity, personified… Radha Kanti shares with us a heart brimming with rasa (divine nectar).

Guruma Radha Kanti Dasi

Radha Kanti Dasi is a sannyasini in the Vaishnava tradition who travels the world sharing the intimate teachings of devotional yoga, under the divine guidance of her guru Paramahamsa Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gosvami Maharaja.

After listening to more than a thousand lectures from the lotus mouth of her spiritual master, he humbly requested Radha Kanti to become a transmitter and messenger of this Divine Love and knowledge. His last request and instruction to her before leaving this world was to distribute harinam (divine names or mantra) and his divine teachings around the world.

Radha Kanti has lived in India for more than 9 years. She has traveled the world several times and has given hundreds of lectures on spiritual love and transcendental knowledge to audiences of up to 1500 people.

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