Monday, May 14th: The Jukebox: Mom & Dad Rock

The Jukebox: Mom & Dad Rock
Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)

THE JUKEBOX: Where comedy, storytelling and performance meet karaoke.
Griffin Newman
Myq Kaplan, awesome stand-up and alum of Last Comic Standing!
Samantha Martin, Story Pirate and Pop Dust writer of the stars!

Hosted by Steve(s) Heisler & Jacobs and Margaret Lyons

Everyone on the line-up performs something inspired by a song—be it stand-up, a story, or a written piece—then sings that song karaoke. Performers choose their own songs based on the theme for that month’s show; each one is a type of playlist or mixtape. THE JUKEBOX is a comedy-karaoke hybrid, blending The Moth, Hot Tub, and Union Hall’s own Karaoke Killed The Cat. It satiates the three founders’ love of comedy, storytelling and life-changing karaoke.

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