Monday, May 14th: Making Links: How Sausages Are Made (& Why We Shouldn’t Eat Them)

Making Links: How Sausages Are Made (& Why We Shouldn’t Eat Them)
The Brecht Forum (451 West St., Manhattan)
$6-15 sliding scale

What we choose to eat (and wear) has an impact far beyond each of us as individuals. This discussion–the first in a series–will look at the societal underpinnings of the commodification of sentient beings; the commonality of oppressions (age-ism, homophobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia and species-ism); and where veganism, animal rights and the politics of food intersect.

David Nibert is Professor of Sociology at Wittenberg University where he teaches Animals and Society, Global Change, Social Stratification, Minority Groups, and Law and Society. He has worked as a tenant organizer, as a community activist, and in the prevention of mistreatment and violence against devalued groups. He is the author of Animal Rights/Human Rights: Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation (Rowman/Littlefield), Hitting the Lottery Jackpot: State Governments and the Taxing of Dreams (Monthly Review Press) and Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism and Global Conflict (forthcoming, Columbia University Press). His research interests include the historical and contemporary entanglement of the oppression of humans and other animals.

Adam Weissman works with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment opposing trade agreements that endanger animals, the environment, food safety, and the human rights of communities on the frontlines of environmental struggles. He also works with TradeJustice NY Metro, a coalition of diverse social movement organizations united in opposition to NAFTA-style trade agreements. In two decades of activism, he has worked with numerous organizations including the Wetlands Activism Collective, Global Sweatshop Coalition, A for Anarchy,, Rainforest Action Network, Wildlife Watch, the War Resisters League (both at the national level and via its northern NJ local), The National Child Rights Alliance, the Animal Issues and Trade Justice working groups of Occupy Wall Street, and many others.

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Mickey Z. is probably the only person on the planet to have appeared in a political book with Noam Chomsky and a karate flick with Billy “Tae Bo” Blanks. He is a vegan since 1995 and the author of 11 books…one of which, “Self Defense for Radicals,” will be available for sale. Howard Zinn called Mickey Z. “Iconoclastic and bold.” Ned Vizzini says, “It’s easy to talk about punk rock writing, but Mickey Z. really does write as if he doesn’t give a fuck but knows what must be said” while Sander Hicks asks, “How can someone be so sweet but yet so fierce?” When he’s not writing books, taking photos, giving talks, or conjuring up haiku, Mickey Z. is busy doing his part to bring sexy back to radical activism.

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