What is Data?
Queens Museum of Art (Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens)

This short workshop about creative coding talks about how one can use computational thinking in one’s studio practice, and activism, and is an introduction to open source programming as well. We will explore the relationship between the aesthetics of representation as a generative and disruptive practice on one hand, and ubiquitous computational thinking on the other. Developing this relationship, we believe, in turn can make closed form systems (e.g., data and scientific practices) *fair game* for legitimate artistic engagement.

Current research by Pratim Sengupta in the fields of Learning Sciences, Science Education, and Computer Science is focused on inventing new event driven, agent based visual programming languages to integrate programming and modeling in K12 science classrooms. Current research by Amelia Winger-Bearskin in the field of Performance Art is focused on development of a theory of open source performance art (OSPA) through the performance of a series of OSPA projects with children across the globe. In these projects, children individually deconstruct their everyday experiences in a series of performative gestures, and reconstruct, in a participatory manner, a new shared experience by recombining these gestures in a group activity. By bringing together these two fields (and programs) of research, we propose to create Perform, an innovative computational learning environment to integrate scientific, mathematical and artistic modeling for artists, citizen science and K-12 education.

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