Friday, May 11th: Between Perp Walk and Victory Dance: Thoughts on Sex, Money & Color TV

Between Perp Walk and Victory Dance: Thoughts on Sex, Money and Color TV
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

ArteEast culminates its Winter/Spring series of talks with a performance-lecture that sheds light on the various realities produced and engendered by journalism and media. In our contemporary moment access to raw source material is often just a few clicks away; whether material is sought online or through camera phone, the way we collect information on our everyday life and reproduce it in art has irrevocably changed. In this performance-lecture, artist Haig Aivazian explores the connection between aesthetics and rhetoric to offer a methodology and a technique for the raw material captured by the media.

Using performance, video, installation and sculpture, Aivazian’s work weaves together personal and geo-political, micro and macro narratives as it searches for ideological loopholes and short circuits. The result is a set of elaborate and layered narratives that draw parallels between seemingly unrelated events –between the invisible and the over visualized, the historical and the undocumented— in order to unearth underlying mechanisms of how histories are told.

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