Tuesday, May 8th: Art and Event Series: David Harper

Art and Event Series: David Harper
Hirshon Suite at The New School (55 W. 13th St., Room 205, Manhattan)

The New School student organization Bricollab presents David Harper, curator at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Harper rejects the suggestion that curation exclusively generates or enforces art world standards. Instead, his curatorial method involves discussing, developing, executing, and pitching his concepts in conjunction with the artists being exhibited. His most recent exhibition, BCC#7, held on March 9, was a live collaboration at STADIUM Gallery between six New York and six European artists. The BCC series “finds potential through the act of translation.”

Harper will share the documentation of BCC#7 with The New School and explain the experience, speaking specifically about the significance of his involvement as a curator throughout the project. Networking with artists, documenting exhibits, and mediated collaboration and communication through social networking will be discussed.

The event concludes with a Q&A session.

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