Wednesday, May 2nd: Artist’s Survival Guide – Health Care, Taxes, Grants & More

Artist’s Survival Guide
Wix Lounge (10 West 18th St., 2nd Fl., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP required

Health Care and Taxes and Grants, oh my!

Terrified by the business side of your art?

Attendees will learn about key services, programs, and resources that can help with the business side of their art — the “unsexy” side that artists generally do not like thinking about. First, we’ll learn about the services offered through Fractured Atlas, a national, nonprofit arts service organization with over 20,000 members across the country. Fractured Atlas offers services that deal with fundraising, education/professional development, insurance, and more. Next, we’ll talk about 20-30 other local, state, and national organizations that offer resources artists and organizations can take advantage of. We will then be happy to answer questions about the following: arts advocacy/civic engagement, fundraising, jobs in the arts and in arts administration specifically, tips on grantwriting, social media/new technology, topics/issues in the field, networking, emerging arts leaders and how they can advance their careers, general career and resume guidance, getting and serving on a Board of Directors, and more. Attendees will walk away with a long list of resources that they can employ immediately to improve their artistic businesses and careers!

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