Saturday, April 28th: Fluff’s Funhaus Party with Technology, Food, Dancing & Fun

NY Funhaus
46 Bridge St., Brooklyn

Look — it’s what’s next, it’s what’s never been seen before, it’s a party…. it’s FUNHAUS 2012. Our Sophomore year of the coolest ideas, products, design, music, theater and style in New York.

What is Funhaus:
It’s a cultural fete featuring the latest technology from NYC’s greatest inventors, wonderful treats from artisanal foodie firms and live acts, music… non stop music, and celebrity techies on site. Most tech events are for critics — this is for PLAY PLAY PLAY.

Who makes up the show:
Inventors from Kickstarter, NYU’s ITP students & grads and leading startups in New York City. Never has this much unknown magic been in one room. The pieces are being curated now but look for solar, music, art, time, photography, movement, transport… and if its insanely interesting from outside the city — we’ll bring it in.

What CAN YOU do there:
You can touch and play with every tech idea and product in the space, you can talk to the inventors and talented artists, and you can watch amazing performers — I mean really talented – acoustic talented — and creatives that will stir your spirit. When you can’t take the power to your senses anymore you can trial new foods of every flavor.

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