Thursday, April 26th: The FRESH Aerial and Variety Show

The FRESH Aerial and Variety Show
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)

STARRING: Stephanie Dodd, Juanita Cardenas, Lady Circus, Russell Patrick Brown, Anna Leah, Ryan Shinji Murray, Christopher Bousquet, Christine Geiger, Trixie Little and Evil Hate Monkey, Dana Abrassart
+special surprise appearances from Katrina Pratt, Veronica Doherty’s tree celebrating cult, and Fresh Prince him self!

“Circus”, “cabaret”, “burlesque”, “vaudeville”, are words with a delightfully vintage connotation to them- one can literally smell the dust in the folds of antique velvet and lace. This art form that we hold so dear comes from a time when… well… time stood still. Sky Box at the House of Yes embraces all of the above, but in the true spirit of spring… we’d like to pay some homage to all of the NEW and FRESH things about circus today. In the olden days this profession was passed down the family line, today ANYONE can learn to love and do aerial! Boned corsets left to you by your chanteuse grandma are now replaced with NEON SPANDEX! Handwoven cotton elephant rope is traded for POLYESTER AERIAL SILKS! The new barker on the corner is FACEBOOK! Not only is it 2012, it’s SPRING and FRESH is the new black.

Join us at one of the epicenters of NEW circus in world, as some of the most seasoned performers around do some brand new things. From the reinvigorating breath-of-fresh aerial acts, to the stripped-down bare burlesque performances, to the filthy 3-minute pieces of live w.t.f. awesome, this show will have them all and MORE. And remember, you can’t get fresh until you get a little dirty first.

MCd by the one and only Kae Burke
DJ K Mazing spins a stupid, funky, dope, fresh 90’s set afterwards..
Delicious & nutritious snacks provided by the one and only LOVEGIRL. Come hungry and leave satisfied!

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