Wednesday, April 25th: IASOS: Using Sound for Light-Body Activation & Healing

IASOS: Using Sound for Light-Body Activation & Healing
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
$15 in advance, includes a raw food meal

Using SOUND for Light-Body Activation & Healing, Workshop with Iasos, of the two founders of New Age Music

In this event, Iasos will take us on a “guided tour” of many different ways that sound & music can be used for healing, alignment, and consciousness evolution. Iasos first gives a conceptual overview of the basic principles of “how sound healing works” and “how sound can induce increased coherence & beneficial energetic change”- and then, as he explains each concept, he will play recordings of his music that demonstrate that particular concept! The event then provides a wide range of examples, each of which is both intellectual (talking / left-brain-conceptual) and also experiential / intuitive (actually listening & experiencing the sounds: right-brain-intuitive).

You could think of this as a “multi-media instructional+experiential talk. Afterwards, questions from the group are answered in great depth. This will be a “charged” event! By the end of the evening, the group will have had a thorough sound “tuned up” – from directly experiencing all these sounds!

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