Sunday, April 22nd: Beauty From Within Workshop

Beauty From Within Workshop
Element Natural Healing Arts (518 Henry St., Brooklyn)

If you’ve been struggling with issues like acne, rosacea, dry hair, weak nails, low energy or weight gain, it might be time to explore the idea that the remedy is not in your medicine cabinet. Beauty can be a window to our health and problems with our skin or hair are the body’s signal that something is out of balance. Clear skin, a youthful glow, a sparkling smile and shiny hair are commonly desired results, but the secret to looking and feeling great starts on the inside. When we learn how to feed our bodies what they truly desire, we restore inner balance and harmony. Delicious whole foods are the key to unlocking your greatest beauty potential. Join Kerri Lee Ross, Holistic Wellness Coach and Founder of Living Beauty, for a fun and informative discussion that explores how diet, lifestyle and environmental factors can rob us of our radiance and how to easily incorporate whole foods to restore our outward beauty from within.