Sunday, April 22nd: A Week in the Life of a Professional Photographer

A Week in the Life of a Professional Photographer
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

If you’re considering becoming an editorial photographer, the fact is talent as a photographer is only half of what you need to succeed. Skills as a negotiator, bookkeeper, researcher, record keeper, correspondent, writer, and networker are equally important as making great images. Spend time with David H. Wells, a veteran professional photographer, who makes his living solely through his photography. During this two hour lecture, he’ll walk you through a typical week in his life as a professional photographer.

Topics covered will be:

• Estimating assignment and usage fees
• Resources for pricing, negotiating skills, and the various strategies of signed estimates
• Image usage licenses and contracts
• Self-promotion marketing
• Copyright law
• Model or property releases and what kind to use
• Taxes and what you need to know for sound financial practices
• Resources for keeping updated on pricing, evolving business practices, trends,and technology
• The basics of running a stock photography business from finding agencies to license images to licensing images yourself
• Fine art galleries and corporate art dealers who sell photographs as art prints

Another major key to success as a professional photographer is to generate multiple revenue streams. David will discuss the importance of diversifying your skills and experience in order to earn money through a range of jobs. Throughout David’s career, he’s done assignment work, stock image licensing, workshop teaching, fine-art print sales and private lessons. Most recently, David has launched an educational website for photographers called The Wells Point . In this special professional development seminar at the B&H Event Space, David will not only share important business practices, but also draw from his own personal success as a professional photographer.