Saturday, April 21st: Super Fun Superfund Variety Show (Circus Meets Sustainability)

Super Fun Superfund Variety Show
Film Biz Prop Shop (540 President St. Basement, Brooklyn)
$8-12 sliding scale (includes a Film Biz 10% off coupon)

Carla Rhodes & Cecil Sinclair: vexing ventriloquism!
Rob Lok: death-defying daredevilry!
Adam Kuchler: physics-bending feats!
Jeff Seal: side-splitting comedy!
Chris Gethard: violence, tears, and literature!
David Boyd: mystifying magic!
Zero Boy: sound-trip storytelling!
Dale Seever: shocking spirit portraits!
Paris: heart-stopping hip hop juggling !
The Bad Advice Column: exactly what it advertises.
Sweet Soubrette: songs to inspire and delight!
Cobra Gold: songs to befuddle and confuse!
And more!