Saturday, April 21st: Peace in the Park with Yoga, Food, Acoustic Jam & Meditation

Peace in the Park
McCarren Park, Brooklyn

Let us gather together to give thanks to our mother who gives us a home, feeds and clothes us, shows us nothing but beauty and bounty, and loves us unconditionally.

It is 2012 and there is no denying that our world is shifting right in front of our eyes. Here we come together, not in recreation, but in reverence to celebrate our lives and our interdependence.

Every piece of green we see peering through the cracks is a miracle in this concrete jungle. McCarren park is always there for us when we need to reconnect to Grandmother Growth. Now is the time to intentionally bless her and thank her for always holding us, shading us, and cradling us. Let’s raise the vibration and commune with the community of sentient beings that call McCarren park home.

This is a drug and alcohol free event. We will create a sacred space around the central altar and smudge guests as they enter the parameters. This is magic. Believe in Magic and the Magical Universe will Reveal Itself.

12:00PM – Bring Flowers, Crystals, Candles, and Sacred Objects to Build the Altar

12:30PM – Group Meditation

01:00PM – Yoga Classes w/
– God’s Eye Workshop w/ Santiparro

02:30PM – Sharing Food

03:30PM – Group Ceremony of Communion with Nature

04:00PM – Song Circle (BRING ONE SONG TO SHARE)

05:00PM – Deep Jam Session (Bring Acoustic Instruments)

05:45PM – Closing Meditation and Clean Up

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