Wednesday, April 18th: Learn How to Do What You Love & Have What You Need

Passion and Abundance Workshop
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
$5-10 sliding scale

“True abundance does exist; it flows from sufficiency, in an experience of the beauty and wholeness of what is.”- Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money.

What is the connection between doing what you love and having what you want and need?

What approach do you take to view the world- through the grasping lens of scarcity, or with an “attitude of gratitude” and faith in an abundance of resources and opportunities?

In this workshop we will use tools such as visualizations, intention-setting, and worksheets to examine our relationship with wealth, and cultivate a fresh perspective that nourishes our passions. Leave the workshop feeling grounded, relaxed, and more confident in your ability to transform your relationship with money and time from viewing them as limiting forces to be feared to seeing them as energetic currencies that best enable you to align with your bliss.

Led by Jeanine Nicole

Jeanine Nicole is a workshop facilitator, life coach, writer, and yoga instructor who lives in New York City. Jeanine combines her compassionate sensitivity, open-minded curiosity, and love of deep personal transformation in her writings, in her teaching, and in her life. A former social worker and educator with a passion for global activism and community service, she believes that much lasting change in our world begins from the inside out. She is passionate about poetry, creative expression, aligning her activities with her interests, and helping others to similarly follow their bliss.