Wednesday, April 18th: Better Book Club: Magic and Comedy with Lev Grossman, Haley Tanner, Dan Wilbur & More

Better Book Club
Housing Works’ Bookstore Café (126 Crosby St., Manhattan)

Tired of the humdrum guests at your local book club? Want to read a book with a little more oomph than some old romance novel? Why not join comedians and authors as they discuss new pieces of fiction other book clubs are too scared to touch? The Better Book Club features contemporary fiction writers in conversation with comedians who who put a different spin on the topics presented. Hosted by Better Book Titles creator Dan Wilbur, the Better Book Club will also feature a Q&A with the panel of guests:

Lev Grossman (author of The Magicians and The Magician King)
Haley Tanner (author of Vaclav and Lena)
Adam Conover (Olde English sketch comedy)
plus magic and comedy from Harrison Greenbaum
and your host, Dan Wilbur (Better Book Titles)