Friday, April 13th: HiChristina Lucky Penny: Superstition Meets Science

HiChristina Lucky Penny: Superstition Meets Science
Ivana Helsinki (251 Elizabeth St., Manhattan)
$15 in advance, $20 at the door

Your luck is about to change with this Lucky Penny from HiChristina!

This Friday the 13th go from good to gooder and (wanna) bet to better! Ever wondered if thinking about something makes it happen… or what cheese tastes like on the moon? Get the answers you’ve always wanted dressed up in living color tonight at HiChristina! And what better time to wear that puffy jacket or metallic head band or those Moonboots! (moon landing recreation dance party tops off the night).

Amble in to this SoHo storefront remade into a labyrinth of surprises. In one corner get hypnotized, in another practice tarot, in another eat lucky charms cereal with a leprechaun! But where’s the science? Experiment with sound and light at the experiment table with true labcoated professionals!

Then brush your hair back and bend your ears for six short lectures (5 min ea.) including: “I Live with Ghosts”, “My Dancing Robot”, “Optimism Will Make You Live Forever”, “The Quantified Self”, and the ever popular “Vegan Lucky Rabbit Tail.” And to top it off Special Guest Liam McEneaney talks his way past Rumplestitskin!

DJ Wicked Sweaty pumps up the jams for the moonboots dance party conclusion-explosion!