Thursday, April 12th-Saturday, April 21st: Faye Driscoll: ‘You’re Me’

Faye Driscoll: ‘You’re Me’
The Kitchen (512 W. 19th St., Manhattan)

Faye Driscoll’s You’re Me considers how we are constantly made-up and un-done by each other. In this evening-length duet with Jesse Zaritt, Driscoll probes and obfuscates the inescapable nature of relationships as the contemporary, archetypal, fantastical, and personal crash into each other, bending and warping in one shrug, quarrel, or reframing of a scene. Sliding from the everyday to the uncanny and bizarre, Driscoll’s choreography poses questions about the similarly slippery nature of self and other. How do our fantasies of ourselves and of each other create new possibilities for being, and yet give birth to friction, failure, and loss? How does our very desire to be more than we are transform us? How do two bodies on a stage make meaning out of empty space, embedded in the inescapable entanglement of the performance of you and me, and while asking, “Am I getting it right?”