Thursday, April 12th & Friday, April 13th: 6th Annual NYC Anarchist Film Fest

6th Annual NYC Anarchist Film Fest
Thursday: 80 St. Marks, Manhattan, 6pm
Friday: 56 Walker St., Manhattan, 3pm
$10 suggested

The NYC Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of Brad Will was started after our dear friend and comrade and media activist and anarchist was murdered in cold blood while filming an uprising in Oaxaca Mexico in 2006. Some are censored brutally and cruelly by the forces of greed and repression that attempt to terrorize those fighting for dignity into submission and silence.

Brad’s footage will be shown in remembrance, but this year’s film festival will focus mainly on the Occupy movement in New York and the U.S as well as the global uprising in Egypt, the Middle East and Europe.

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