Sunday, April 8th: Annual Easter Comix Graphic Novelist Night

Annual Easter Comix Graphic Novelist Night
Free, $5 or book donation to be entered into raffle (benefits The Center for Cartoon Studies & The Sequential Artists Workshop)

Hosted and curated by Robyn Chapman

Illustrator and writer Ellen Lindner is the author of Undertow, a graphic novel about Coney Island in the early sixties, and the editor of Strumpet, a transatlantic comic magazine showcasing up and coming women cartoonists.

Leela Corman’s graphic novels include the 1999 Xeric Grant winner Queen’s Day, the teen angst tale Subway Series, and an epic graphic novel set in the tenements of the Lower East Side called Unterzakhn which will be released this April from Schocken Books. She is also a professional bellydancer and a teacher at The Sequential Artists Workshop.

Since 1993 Jon Lewis has been the author of the ongoing comics series True Swamp, which has earned him a Xeric Grant, an Ignatz Award nomination, and a place on’s Ten Best Comics of 2000 and The Comics Journal’s Top 30 Minicomics of 2011 lists. His two most recent issues were released from Tom Kaczynski’s boutique publishing house, Uncivilized Books.

Sean Ford is an editor of the Sundays Anthology and the author of Only Skin. He is a graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies, where he created Only Skin as part of his senior thesis. Since then he has self published seven issues, which will be collected in a graphic novel from Secret Acres in early 2012. He live in Fort Greene and works as book designer.