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BYO mug and mention “smdlr” or “small, medium, large” for $1 sustainably sourced coffee through April 30th, 2012 (details below). Thanks to De Luxe for offering this special deal to Nifty NYC & smdlr readers!

Got any spare change?

Four Quarters? Ten Dimes? Perhaps a mixture of dimes, nickels and quarters? Summing up any of the
above in the combination that equals a buck, along with your own mug, yields drip coffee at Park Slope’s De Luxe (410 7th Ave., Brooklyn) for the month of April.

De Luxe, a coffee shop owned by burgeoning entrepreneurs Andy and Tina Schultz, is making an effort
to bring a little green to their red-hued space in the interest of the environment. They exclusively carry DOMA, an Idaho roaster with an “environmentally sound” mission. In addition to committing to “certified organic, fair-traded and direct relationship coffees,” DOMA’s lighting is high-efficiency, print materials are on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks and even their cleaning products are 100% toxin free.

“[Since] we can’t make a huge impact without incurring a huge cost, we count on DOMA’s production to save a lot of electricity,” says Andy. Like DOMA, De Luxe wants their small and tightly run family business to have a share in reducing its customers’ ecological coffeeprint.

smdlr met with De Luxe on behalf of Nifty NYC to learn what Deluxe had up its sleeves. Pun intended. In
addition to carrying their own koozies – customized, re-usable sleeves for paper and plastic cups, pictured above – De Luxe is taking their house blend drip and offering it for just one dollar to those who bring in their own 12-16 oz. mug during the month of April. The drip is a DOMA spin-off self-named by the pair, “El Tigre De Norte,” and is prepared with “the same effect of a pour-over but on a grander scale.”

Exactly 174 grams of coffee is weighed and brewed with water at 204 degrees for about 5.5 minutes. It’s a big body, Indonesian and Ethiopian blend which tastes like chocolate with low berry notes. “The drip yield is of higher quality and is a stronger brew in the cup,” assures Andy.

Whether a Slope local or a curious coffee connoisseur visiting the area, you can also be assured that the personal experience this couple is quickly becoming locally famous for is like a cherry on top of an already specialty cup. To see for yourself, you’ll just need the code phrase that is the acronym for smdlr – “small, medium and large.” Now go out and discover this nifty drip.

Chérmelle D. Edwards is a Brooklyn-based writer, documentarian, coffeetographer™ & founder of the coffee culture web magazine smdlr.

Photo credit: Chérmelle D. Edwards for smdlr


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