Saturday, March 31st: ‘Where Were You Then?’ Shelley Hirsch & Simon Ho in a 9 Member Ensemble

“Where Were You Then?” Shelley Hirsch & Simon Ho in a 9 Member Ensemble
Roulette (509 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn)

Over two nights, Shelley Hirsch and Simon Ho celebrate the release of their new CD, “Where Were You Then?” on Tzadik’s Key Series

Composed by Hirsch and Ho, “Where Were You Then?” blends songs, story telling and rich atmospheric soundscapes and represents a new chapter in their longstanding collaboration.

With a voice that slips effortlessly between speech melody and pure sound, Hirsch’s stories work perfectly with the dreamlike state and shifting moods of their music (with instrumental arrangements by Ho). The stories cover a wide territory, from hitch hiking in Germany in 1972, to living in a squat in Amsterdam, to a song about online dating and remembering the passing of a loved one. The multilayered stories are filled with vivid details, humor, tenderness, loss and many odd twists in which each listener is likely to find their own meaning.