Saturday, March 31st: Screening of ‘Fly Away Beetle,’ A History of Capoeira

Fly Away Beetle
Amarachi Lounge (325 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)

Breaking news y’all: at producer’s last minute request, KCCS will present a special NY Premiere screening of a new feature doc on the history of capoeira, straight from the heart of Salvador, Brazil.

FLY AWAY BEETLE (2011, 71min) tells the story of the oppressive conditions during and after slavery which shaped the unique art form of Capoeira. “Three world renowned masters share radically different views, ranging from the violence of Capoeira’s early days to the modern social benefits of the style for troubled youth… Weaving between interviews, rare old footage, and modern exhibitions of Capoeira, the film tells the stories of these people. In so doing, connections to slavery, African Candomble and magic are discovered.”

The screening will be followed by a chat with the film’s Associate Producer, Marcio de Abreu, and possibly some beautiful and ass-kicking demonstrations.