Thursday, March 29th-Sunday, March 31st: Brooklyn Girl Film Festival

Brooklyn Girl Film Festival is a grassroots event I started after the short film I wrote and
directed, “Before We Get to Seattle” ran the festival circuit in 2010-11. Although I never considered myself to be much of a feminist, I found myself bothered by the lack of woman filmmakers I came across during my festival journey, as well as the shortage of woman-centric film festivals, especially in the New York City area. I decided I wanted to create a place to support the community of woman filmmakers, and encourage them to strive to bring their unique stories to life. In early 2011, I gave birth to my daughter, Zoe Eliza, and felt even more compelled and inspired to help other women.

In the past ten years, women filmmakers have finally become more prominent. Sofia Coppola and
Diablo Cody both won Oscars for Best Screenplay for films featuring the complex stories of a female protagonist, and Kathryn Bigelow became the FIRST WOMAN EVER to receive the prestigious honor of Best Director at the Academy Awards. Let us be inspired by them and look forward to many other women walking away with these honors in the coming years.

We are very excited to present our first annual program. Films rolled in from the US and all around the world at the speed of light. In addition, we are very thankful for the support we received thus far from the community.

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