Thursday, March 29th: Sky Box Aerial Variety Show

Sky Box Aerial Variety Show
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)
8pm doors, 9pm show

Join us in our estrogen-fueled super-circus and witness some of the most dynamic and innovative aerial acts around.

Unveiling the Lady Circus Drum Corps and showcasing our new L.E.D robot friend is JUST the beginning!

STARRING: Tanya Gange, Cody Schreger, Trixie Little, Lisa Natoli, Anya Sapozhnikova,Francis Stallings and K Mazing, Erenina Ness, Lisa Jamhoury, Angela Buccinni, SPAZZ HANDS and the Lady Circus.

The topic of women is daunting. It evokes tales of great struggle and great strength. Mystery and beauty. The ability to create life and to care for it. Tenderness. Tears. Overwhelming sex appeal. Cooking, cleaning, mending and running the world in general. This Month, The Sky Box Aerial and Variety show honors the Vagina and those who have one!

MC’d by the one and only Kae Burke. And did we mention we’re celebrating the Vaja-jay herself??? You’re welcome!