Wednesday, March 28th: The Secret Science Club Presents ‘The Tingler’

The Tingler
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)

Dr. Warren Chapin is investigating the scientific nature of fear. What makes the spine tingle when we’re afraid? Is it possible to die of terror? Not prone to scare easily himself, the doctor uses drugs to self-induce hallucinatory nightmares. As coroner, he finds disturbing, unexplained marks on the vertebrae of corpses and a mysterious creature lurking on an x-ray … Is fear something more than a passing emotion? To his horror, the doctor learns that fear is a frightfully LIVING force-and the only way to kill it is to scream.

Don’t miss this cult classic from director William Castle-and don’t forget to scream. Scream for your lives!

Before & After

–Groove to pulse-pounding tunes

–Try our fiendish cocktail of the night, the Chiller

–Win creepy-crawly door prizes!