Tuesday, March 27th: ‘The Unseen Eye: A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions…’ A Multimedia Performance Piece

The Unseen Eye: A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions…
Aperture Gallery and Bookstore (547 W. 27th St., 4th Fl., Manhattan)

Not necessarily by popular demand, but at his own insistence, W. M. “Bill” Hunt will recreate this unique performance piece suggested by the text for his book, The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious (Aperture, 2011). Hunt debuted A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions… last October when the book was launched.

Hunt, who is known for his wit and larger-than-life personality, has created a special performance piece suggested by his text from the book. This evening is one of information and digression, hopefully bringing to light many of the names and stories left out of the book.

This monologue, accompanied by projections and video, will be a rumination on his many years of collecting, on a life in photographs. Hunt has been a collector since his early years as an actor. He has been a fundraiser (Photographers + Friends United Against AIDS, Center for Photography at Woodstock, and W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund), a dealer (Ricco/Maresca Gallery and his own Hasted Hunt) as well as a writer and a teacher.