Sunday, March 25th: The End of Days Plays

The End of Days Plays
Brooklyn Winery (213 N. 8th St., Brooklyn)

We’re looking forward to hosting a fun play performance in our Parlor room on Sunday, March 25th from 4:30 to 6:00pm. This creative project, curated by NYC actor and writer Erin Mallon, makes use of a rotating group of actors and playwrights.

Here’s what’s going happen leading up to and during this event: The Friday evening before the performance, 6 playwrights and 12 actors will gather together. The playwrights pick two actors’ names randomly from a hat, as well as one bad-ass Bible verse. Then on Saturday, the playwrights will write a short play for their two randomly selected actors, inspired by the verse they picked.

On Sunday, the actors will perform these brand new plays for you at Brooklyn Winery.