Sunday, March 25th: Free Waffles

Free Waffles
31st & Ditmars Blvd., Queens
Free* or BOGO at other locations**

Sunday, March 25th, Wafels & Dinges will be celebrating the launch of our second truck: KASTAAR! Big Momma Truck’s husband returns to the wafel scene!

WHERE? In Astoria, Queens at the end of the N & Q subway line!

WHAT? Come up with an original pledge to the dinges and win a free WMD*!

*Waffle guy will judge creativity of your pledge and reward you accordingly with a tiny, small, large and mega waffle.


** Bring your virgin wafel-friend(s) to any other Wafels & Dinges cart or truck and buy one-get-one free wafel! Pop them wafel-cherries!!

Spread the word and come join us for a waffle crazy day in Queens!