Sunday, March 25th: Activism in Photography: How to Photograph a Revolution

Activism in Photography: How to Photograph a Revolution
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Long time cultural documentarian Victoria Schultz, who has covered many revolutions on three continents, turned her 4×5 film camera to revolutions whose roots were only several blocks from her Manhattan home: The Occupy Wall Street, Zuccoti Park demonstrations. Fascinated by the energy of the movement and the broad range of protesters who manifested in the tent city, the streets, and across the city Victoria decided she would dedicate her time to capturing the myriad protesters along with their messages. This resulted in an amazing body of work that is unique, visually surprising and technically proficient. The Lessons of this project will illustrate how to approach and document important cultural moments in time. Victoria will show her work and divulge methods about how to get inside the movement, cover it, and demonstrate how to create a relevant body of work. Thoughts about maintaining the safety of the photographer (Victoria is a petite woman shooting with a big camera), shooting with a consistent style, and more. Through Victoria’s process you will learn how to use photography to tell some of the important stories of your time.