Saturday, March 24th: Managing a Personal or Family Archive: Why? What? How?

Managing a Personal or Family Archive: Why? What? How?
Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn)

This presentation is an introduction to the issues involved in creating and maintaining an archive of one’s personal or family documents. Archivist Larry Weimer will discuss the considerations you as an archivist of personal papers will face: Why create such a collection? What documents serve that purpose and should be kept? How can the items in the archive be preserved? How can the collection as a whole be preserved over time? The presentation will provide a broad-based overview of collection management and preservation issues principally for paper-based documents, though born-digital documents and digital preservation will also be discussed. (Photographic formats are the subject of a separate workshop and will not be covered in this presentation). This event is part of BHS’s spring Library Workshops, a monthly program series that utilizes the collections at BHS to provide hands-on training and research opportunities to explore your family, neighborhood, and borough history.