Saturday, March 24th: Gardener on the Roof: Examining Urban Farming

Gardener on the Roof: Examining Urban Farming
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

Scott Nyerges, Annie Novak (Eagle Street Rooftop Farm), Tyler Caruso and Erik Facteau (Seeing Green) and Molly Culver (The Youth Farm) in attendance for presentaion and discussion. Moderated by Nicola Twilley (Edible Geography).

Join us as we wander into New York City’s Urban Agriculture movement and wonder- what is the future of the farm in the city?

Not so long ago, tomato plants occupying fire escapes and dispersed community garden plots defined what it meant to grown your own food within city limits. Over the last two decades, young farmers and food advocates have brazenly imagined another way. Taking over rooftops and vacant lots, utilizing forgotten, creative and unexpected spaces, the once piecemeal community garden transformed into an urban farm. As the city turns its attention to becoming a greener place, with the adoption of PlaNYC, there is no doubt this group will have a hand in carving out a place for farming in the city’s future.

Today’s panel brings together six people – a documentarian, two farmers, a writer and two planners- that actively expand, rethink and redefine the foodscape of New York City.