Saturday, March 24th: A Memorial Hike for Hal the Coyote

A Memorial Hike for Hal the Coyote
Proteus Gowanus (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Join Dillon De Give in his annual walking project based on Hal, the coyote who found his way from the wild to Central Park in 2006. This year Dillon will lead a walk from Proteus Gowanus to Central Park’s Hallet Sanctuary where Hal was captured. The walk will follow greenspace pathways, as Hal would have done.

Hal’s brief moment of worldwide fame began with sightings around Central Park and ended shortly after his release from captivity just north of the city.

His route from Westchester County into the City is a matter of speculation. Since 2009 Dillon has led annual voyages on foot on the anniversary of the coyote’s death in early April. Each journey traverses a different possible route that Hal might have taken, following greenspace from Central Park into the wild.

For Saturday’s walk, you may wish to prepare or select a small monument to carry with you on our walk to commemorate Hal and his path that connected the city with the wild. Quotidian objects, letters, handicrafts, or some other ephemera are all acceptable. We will deposit these objects at points along our route and document them as we do so. If possible, send an email to before hike day with an image of your monument and a few sentences about it so we may keep a record of what gets deposited along the trail.
Wear your walking shoes and bring your water bottle!