Thursday, March 22nd: The Fantastic Voyage: Art + Science + Technology Lecture

The Fantastic Voyage: Art + Science + Technology Lecture
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)

Join us for a night of art, science and technology with Stefani Bardin as we look at two of her latest multi-media projects. First, we will look at M2A: The Fantastic Voyage, which examines the impact of technology on our food system using wireless gastroenterology devices to look at how processed foods versus whole food effect the body.

The second project Phantom Lim(b)inality uses phantom limb syndrome (and neuroplasticity) as a metaphor for examining the brain’s ability to rewire itself based on the imaginings and re-imaginings of our relationship to a severed natural world (i.e. nature and the wilderness). In the same way the brain imagines a severed limb to still be present – so too does the contemporary brain try to imagine a severed connection to nature – via the somatic wilderness of the built environment, market culture and our relationship to the city.

Both of Bardin’s projects look at the ways in which creative uses of technology and science can impact not only how we operate within the world but how we experience it.