Thursday, March 22nd-Sunday, March 25th: The Aputumpu Music Festival

The Aputumpu Festival is a musical showcase featuring more than two dozen rising Brooklyn-based bands comprising the backbone of the burgeoning Brooklyn music scene.

For New York City, Aputumpu is a celebration of the best new talent in the city, an amalgam of creative and artistic forces which seem to be as much a part of the air as the weather. In a city overflowing with musical talent, these bands rise above with distinctive sounds and unforgettable performances.

For bands, Aputumpu is an opportunity to connect with the fans who know them best, to play alongside a talented group of performers, and to prove to writers, bloggers, and all those in attendance that they are ready for the big time.

For fans, Aputumpu is an exciting opportunity to see many of their favorite bands in one clip and to discover new and exciting musicians and artists. With more than two dozen bands covering everything from Afro pop to electronic to Indie rock, Aputumpu will take you on a completely unique auditory adventure.

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